Front Porch House Plans

The Front Porch has classic functionality that works on a number of differnt levels at once – thus contributing to its sustained popularity. The front porch, of course, provides a place for people to meet and greet as well as shelter while unlocking the front door. But it also provides a transitional space or “outdoor room” which can be furnished with rockers, swings, tables and plants to provide a pleasant shaded spot to feel a summers breeze, to enjoy the chirping of the birds and to keep an eye on the kids playing in the yard. In summer, the front porch shades and cools the walls and windows reducing utility bills. In winter, it protects the front entrance from rain, snow and ice. All year long it protects the siding, windows and doors from the degrading effects of weather. We feel that the front porch is an essential component of a well designed house plan for gracious southern living.