The Porches Cottage design locates the living spaces on the top floor to maximize views. This “inverted living area” arrangement works well for a beach community or other location where the view is a primary attribute of the site.

Porches Cottage – Standard Piling Foundation with Side Entrance Garage, 3 Bedroom Version, 2176 SF

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  • 3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths
  • Master Suite with Fireplace
  • Double Decker Porches
  • Inverted Living Area
Square Footage:

2176 total heated area

Overall Height:


First Floor: 1121 SF
  • Master Bedroom 27′-11″ X 14′-0″
  • Bedroom 11′-5″ X 12′-10″
Second Floor: 1035 SF
  • Living 19′-6″ X 15′-5″
  • Dining 13′-10″ X 15′-5″
  • Bedroom 15′-7″ X 12′-1″
Ground Floor: 1086 SF
Includes (5) full sets of 24" x 36" bound Construction Drawings and Specifications. The Drawings include dimensioned plans and construction details providing all the information needed for building construction by a licensed, professional building contractor.
Consist of (2) Sets of 1/8" scale presentation plans, sections & elevations with room sizes and overall dimensions suitable for planning and review purposes. PayPal Acceptance Mark

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